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We thrive on services and consulting - globally!

Strategic, Profitability and Management Consulting

Our core expertise is in Management Consulting and Process Development. We carry out detailed analysis of the business and multiple levels, propose incremental profitability pans and have those implemented, teams trained and where necessary, engage BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) partners whom we have tried and tested and have full confidence in their capabilities and professionalism.

Software Development

Tried and tested methodology with over 60 years of combined software development experience, employing Agile Scrum techniques, guiding the customer through the features of their requirements and with best practice in the management of the project. Delivering projects on time and on target.

SaaS Solutions in the Cloud

VM Global Consulting has been using "the Cloud" since almost six years to develop, test and deploy its systems and projects. The tools the company has in its arsenal vary from Pricing and Demand Analysis, CRM and e-Commerce solutions through to Guest Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction and Evaluation systems, fully integrable into existing systems.


A short list of our partnering companies

Cookiebite Ltd

Web and Hotel Tech Solutions

Beehive Hospitality Ltd

Operational and Service BPO Solutions

MAN Consulting Ltd

Web, Cloud and VoIP Tech Solutions

Whitesky Hospitality

Hotel Marketing Solutions


Power Management Solutions

Open Source and Freedom

Approach and solutions for the modern business.


Our Mission

We bring success to our clients' vision. We always focus on sustainable value, care for people and deliver results through innovation.

Our Vision

Once a partner always, truly a partner. Being innovative and thrive on the success of delivered to our partners - growing their abilities by growing ours through our approach of combining in this order of importance People, Process and Systems.

Our Core Values

Client Centric

We operate with our Client in mind. Present our solutions with the Client goals in mind and in the most efficient and effective manner reasonably available.

Confidential and Professional

As consultants, our business is Confidentiality — a paramount element of being professional, while still affording to each and every client the accumulated and extensive experience of the group.


We are on a constant search for new ideas on multiple levels - internally within the team, together with our customers and out in with wide world, tapping into and gathering unfathomable intelligence to the benefit of our Customers.

Collaborative and Honest

Working as a team greatly enhances the success of any project. We make available and include all our resource and do insist that our Customers take part in the discussion and decision making as well, keeping it all very open and honest with view of the end result always at the forefront of discussion.

Results Focused

We thrive in completing our work. The sooner, the better - without sacrificing quality. We know that there is plenty of work that needs completion and we are hungry to get more of it done!

Here is a brief story of how VM Global Consulting was started.

  • 1972

    Our Humble Beginnings

    At the end of that remarkable year (about the time that Apollo 17 touched down on the Moon) our founder was born!

  • September 1992

    The World is Our Oyster

    It was in that year, we first started our international exploration. Cyprus being our first country of research.

  • May 1998

    Delving into ASPAC

    This and the following one and half years mark the love relationship with the Asia-Pacific sub continent. An exposure, ranging from Thailand to Australia...

  • November 1999

    London is calling!

    Greeting the new Century from the banks of the Thames. Living in style and working equally hard. Getting to grips with the concept of Yield and Demand Based pricing.

  • November 2002

    Germany and Europe!

    Finally getting to grips with the German language, while opening 3 hotels in Germany and Austria, and helping the comrades in Russia.

  • May 2003

    Process Ahoy!

    Business Process (re)Engineering! Map your business, not done so, you must if you want it to make you money! We completed successfully our first BPM project in London for a world wide operating company.

  • March 2009

    VM Global Consulting is Born

    The year of us getting really serious about our work and its growth! Since then, we have been going strong: consulting for companies, like TravelClick Inc., Blackstone Inc., CenterParks UK, MerlinEntertainments to name a few!

  • August 2015

    Survey and Analysis

    The year when VM Global Consulting has launched its survey software, provided to its partners at Beehive Hospitality to take the measure of happiness of their customers' guests! The survey platform is then constructed and made available to any partner requiring customer or employee surveys - guaranteeing confidentiality and qualitative assessments, all intrinsic elements of the Consulting business.

  • January 2016

    Partnership with Vigyanlabs

    With its vision of growth, VM Global Consulting has extended its service offer with the products of Vigyanlabs, becoming Partners for EMEA region for their IPM+ product, while also providing the multilingual support of that product for that region.

  • May 2016

    VM Global Consulting - Revenue Compass is launched

    Pricing and distribution for hotels or any other businesses with perishable products is what our thought has been in for some time. The tool allows to aggregate and offer the users to find insight and learn the patterns of the needs of their customers and respond in the best of fashion to that demand for profitable results of their companies and to the satisfaction of their customers.

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